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The Wild Rover – Happy Fat Tuesday!

As I prepare for another Lent, which means giving up meat for what seems like a year, this will be the first year I can’t really go all out on Fat Tuesday.  Beer and a still-recovering broken ankle don’t really mix (not that I’ve tried all that often).  However, that doesn’t mean I can’t be in the right mood.

Nothing gets the happiness started like The Wild Rover, probably one of the best Irish songs to be passed down through the years. Here’s a great video performance of the song.

Most people don’t recognize that Fat Tuesday is a party where Catholics overindulge as they prepare for the fasting that comes with Lent. Although the typical fasting is greatly diminished these days, Fat Tuesday is still a very important tradition.

So to all those taking part in the festivities tonight, especially those who aren’t just using the day as another reason to drink, but are taking part in it as an important day in their religious history and culture, Drink One For Me!!

~ The Hatter


About The Mad Hatter

A little random, oftentimes heady, totally looking for purpose. I'm moved by topics across the board, sometimes focusing on reading classic literature or more recent philosophy; sometimes given to less productive impulses. In order to stay active, I've also just joined the Yahoo Contributor Network.


2 thoughts on “The Wild Rover – Happy Fat Tuesday!

  1. I’m not Catholic, not at all but I love observing Lent – I love the idea of sacrifice. Giving up meat isn’t all the difficult for but giving up sugar is, so that’s one of the ways I’ll be observing this year.

    Thanks for sharing the song!

    Posted by Girly | March 8, 2011, 6:42 pm


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