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Etsy Artist of the Month – March 2012

New posts have been a struggle these past two weeks, but I’m happy to get back on track with this one.  The Etsy Artist of the Month for March 2012 is Julia Stiles.  I know nothing more about Julia than what is shows in her Etsy profile.

That being said, one of my favorite techniques has always been ink and ink wash.  That’s actually how I found Julia’s profile.  When I check Etsy for new work, most times I’ll start by searching for handmade ink paintings or drawings.  Julia’s work was easily some of the best I’ve seen.

All of the examples below are still shown as for sale on her Etsy page, and each image will link through.  There are also many other prints in her store beyond the original artwork below.

Here’s my personal favorite:

Another example of ink and wash:

And lastly, a great example of the artist’s work in oil.

Etsy Artist of the Month – B!Goods – Feb 2012

I periodically browse Etsy both to get inspiration and to shop for unique, handmade gifts.  While on the site this morning, an idea came to me.  Why not pick one artist that impresses me each month and feature their work here?  It will force me to expand the type of work I look at while also hopefully helping the artist get a few hits.

While brainstorming about how best to proceed, I realized that I actually know someone who has an Etsy shop.  What better way to start this project than to feature someone I actually know?  So, without further ado, here are a few items currently posted on B!Goods by Bethany Chenoweth, a fiber artist.

Touch the Trees

Touch the Trees

Tulip Winter Jacket

Tulip Winter Jacket

Puppet Theater

Puppet Theater

The Rabbit Hole

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